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The same-sex marriages have been a source of controversies and conflict in Texas. In 2005, Texas banned same-sex marriages as opposed to most states which are legalizing same-sex marriage and issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples. Texas has continually banned the same-sex marriages forcing the federal government to interfere with the state operations. On 9th January, 2015 the hearing of ban on same-sex marriage in Texas same-sex marriages commenced. The moment is awaited by the opponents and proponent of same-sex marriage and it is important to Texas residents. Therefore, 9th January is my snapshot of Texas government in my life. I have closely followed the same-sex marriage debate in Texas.

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The Texas courts should establish a system to evaluate the matters across various district courts to avoid such different rulings on a similar matter. The Supreme Court in Texas should establish a standardized system which the lower courts should follow on same-sex marriage cases. The judiciary has played its role so far but it has failed to come to an agreement on the issue and hopefully the fifth circuit will give a final ruling.

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