Gothic Art and Architecture

Gothic Art and Architecture

Gothic Art and Architecture.

Gothic Art and Architecture: Gothic Art refers to the sculptures, paintings, music, and architecture that were prevalent during the two critical international eras that originated and thrived in the western and central regions of Europe in the Middle Ages.

It morphed from its immediate predecessor – Romanesque Art – and reigned supreme from the mid-12th century to the late 16th century in some regions (Essential Humanities 2013).

However, the term “Gothic” was coined and found currency during the Renaissance period by a group of classicizing writers from Italy who regarded the invention of medieval architecture as the brainchild of the barbaric Gothic ethnic groupings that had overthrown the then powerful Roman Empire together with its classical civilization in the 5th century CE.

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vaults that rested on pointed arches. The stained-glass windows allowed colored light to filter into the church during the day. This colored light was know as lux nova (new light) (Honour & Fleming 2009).

Early Gothic architecture at Saint-Denis incorporated early Gothic sculptures although many of these sculptures were destroye during the French Revolution. Like the Chartres Cathedral, Saint-Denis also had a huge restored central rose window that marks the façade of a resilient westwork (Honour & Fleming 2009).

Saint-Denis also features another Gothic architectural innovation in the form of flying buttresses designed as exterior arches that shoot from the lower roofs overlooking the ambulatory and aisles. The flying buttresses were used to counter the outward pressure exerted by the nave vaults (Honour & Fleming 2009).


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