Goth and Punk delinquent youth subcultures

A subculture is a group that is distinguished from larger society by having different customs and various features (Nicolae Sfetcu, 2014). A subculture is a group with distinguished styles, behaviors, and interest. Youth subcultures are developed to give members sense of identity and ascribe social institutions. The youth subcultures are used by the members to express their lifestyles. They use fashion, hairstyles, signs, tattoos, and various forms of arts to identify with each other and show affection to other members of the subculture.

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Youth should be engage in various guidance and counseling sessions. The government should establish education programs to prepare young people and prevent them from joining subcultures and gangs. The government must also address problems facing the youth such as unemployment. The problems facing the youth cause them to join the subcultures thus; they should be addressed.

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