Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google glass promises great potential for the technology industry. The device itself is a wearable spectacle looking gadget that has an optical display. The device functions like a hands-free smartphone and comes with multiple possibilities for novel applications. The device is also voice activated which is the primary mode of communication through the gadget to the internet.

The voice commands are channeled through a voice command protocol known as ‘natural language’. The device features a touchpad built into the side of the device along the side frame of the glasses.  This is used in addition to the voice commands to control the device.

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The security and legal concerns of associated with the device can be mitigated by legislation and countering technology that is bound to be developed with time (Reed et al. 2014). As with ant innovation, there is bound to be concerns but they should be weighed against potential benefits. A gun can be used to commit a crime or to protect lives.

Once it becomes commonplace, society will have to develop mechanisms to ensure proper use and etiquette are adhered to in the same way it has done for mobile phones and other innovations. The device is however here to stay and the reluctance by several sections of society notwithstanding is gaining more popularity every day.

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