Google is well known as the mastermind of many technologies. Google has been in the forefront in the development of technologies. Some of the current technologies that Google is developing today are discussed below. Self-guided car is another technology that Google has been developing. Google is determined to make a car that will not depend on the human interface.

Significant steps have been made on the project (Motavalli, 2013). Google has been determined in making a car that is autonomous, and it has the capability to drive itself without any human interference. Google has been modifying and updating the prototypes of vehicles so that they can be able to make special prototypes for vehicles that are self-driven.

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Another technology that Google is developing is the android wear. Android wear is the next technology that  has set to beat apple in terms of software application. The android wear is one of the latest technologies that even the other tech giants have not been able to match. Google prides to be the first company to introduce the android wear.

In addition, the device has some features that will enable features such as , voice commands and touch among other features. The android wear is also expected to provide important features that will enable one to track fitness records. It can also be able to track the pulse rate and the heartbeat. The negative impacts of the technology are that privacy issues may arise in case the device is lost.

Motavalli, J. (2013, October 31). Self-Driving Cars Are Coming Fast, and They’re Likely To Be Electric.

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