Goldman Sachs banks on cultural capital

Goldman Sachs banks on cultural capital

Goldman Sachs banks on cultural capital

Goldman Sachs Banks is a multinational investment institution based in America and engages in several activities. Some of the activities include; securities, investment management, investment banking and other financial services. A bit of its history is that: It started its operations in 1869 with its capitals in the Lower Manhattan area at 200 West Street.

Providing mergers and acquisition advice, asset management, underwriting services and prime brokerage and some of the services that the Goldman Sachs Banks provide. Its clients include governments, corporations and individuals.

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When trust is present in any form of relationship, people are not afraid of voicing their views and opinions especially in this case where they are in teams. Integrity also creates a good reputation of the business and to specific individuals. Reputation has been connected with the business success: the higher the reputation a business has the more customers it will attract and more returns it will gain (Endlich).

Goldman Sachs has gained a reputation that it recruits the best only and brightest.  This is rooted to the strong culture that the firm has and is based on the shared passion for excellence, integrity, teamwork and leadership. Due to this, employees show passion in their work and develop a strong sense of accountability and ownership through this culture. This has led to it achievements and success during its operations.

Endlich, Lisa. Goldman Sachs: The Culture Of Success. Simon and Schuster, 2000. Document.

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