Going to college doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation

Going to college doesn't guarantee you a job after graduation

Going to college doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation

This discussion is appropriate especially at this time when everyone is rushing to college to grab a degree or a diploma certificate, even those who cleared high school long time ago. I think this rush is only motivated by one thing, competition (Reynolds, 2012, p. 9).

Many people have come to believe that you either compete or give up. This notion is to some extent true, but it is not always that you must have a college degree to live the American dream life full of comfort. What a college degree does is that it gives you an upper hand when it comes to employment only in your field of study.

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Many people may not afford to go to college because of the high tuition fee. Do these people have to pay for this, even when they genuinely did not afford? Do they have a disadvantage? I base my argument on those who can afford fee but they perceive it as high. Whichever the reason, the pinnacle reason is money. However, money can be equally obtained by someone who has not gone to college, for example by the exploitation of one’s talent.

Another heart-breaking scenario these days is that most people have a degree but limited jobs are available. In this case, luck will play a big role. It shows how it’s not a guarantee to get a job after college. Therefore, in the current generation, you either have to go to college or have a talent that can pay you as seen among the athletes. Otherwise, things might get tougher for those who do not go to college at all and never exploit their potentials.


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