Gnostic gospels from nag hammadi

Gnostic gospels from nag hammadi

Gnostic gospels from nag hammadi

Gnostic gospels from nag hammadi:Over the years, scholars of New Testament have developed interests in the relationship between Gnostic gospel and the New Testament. This interest has also been intensified by consistent discussion of Gnosticism in the “Colossian heresy” and also in the interpretation of the first epistle by john.

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. The Nag Hammadi was discovered in 1945 in upper Egyptian town just before Qumran manuscripts.[1] Apart from it contribution to filling the void created by the lack of primary sources for gnostic gospel, conservative scholars have given it relatively little attention.[2]  Additionally, other issues such have political problems, and personal rivalries have also contributed to delays in publication of the Nag Hammadi text.

Although there may be some sources that suggest that Gnosticism has no influence on the development of the synoptic gospel, most evidence indicates otherwise. By referring to the background information about Christianity and Gnosticism, it is clear that Gnosticism predated Christianity.

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