Globalization, Imperialism, and industrialization

Globalization, Imperialism, and industrialization

Globalization, Imperialism, and industrialization

Globalization, Imperialism, and industrialization; Some of the most widespread and useful commodities in the world today have a long history. Most of them were discovered by accident and were used differently in the past.

Commodities such as gunpowder, chocolate, and rubber were all localized in their areas of discovery prior the world discovered their usefulness in the global arena.

Their globalization has massive impacts on the economy of the countries producing these commodities and the global economy as a whole. As such, their accidental discovery was a major step towards a globalized and industrialized world.

For instance, rubber is a highly valued commodity, which must be used in all vehicles to make tires. It is unimaginable how the tires of vehicles would look like if rubber was not discovered. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the role of these commodities in globalization and industrialization.

The discovery of rubber was a major breakthrough in the industrial sector. It is made up of a substance made from specific trees. Since its discovery, rubber has undergone massive re-inventions in an attempt to increase its value.

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The industries that make products out of rubber have today have employed a large number of people all over the world. Currently, there are several companies that make products using rubber commodity. These include shoe making, belt making, and tire making companies.

All motor vehicles in the world benefit greatly from rubber commodities. This means that rubber is a highly demanded commodity in the contemporary society, without which many things would not exist.[1]

[1] Kraft, and James P. “Journal Of World History.” DEVIL’S Milk: A Social History of Rubber, The (Book). 23, no. 4 (n.d.): 998.

This was the most remarkable discovery of making rubber, which plays a great role in the world today. It was this invention that led to production of tires, shoes, and other essential commodities made of rubber.

This coincided with the industrial revolution, whereby rubber was highly valued commodity. People began making money out of the commodity by selling it to the industries.

It was used to make different types of things discovered by Goodyear before his death. His inventions left different manufacturing patents that gave rise to a high rate of employment and economic prosperity.

Some like gunpowder have played a great role in military and warfare efforts, while others like rubber have played a significant role in the modern industries and businesses. Inventions continue to take place in hope of making the best out of these commodities.

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