Globalization refers to deep growth, expansion and faster impacts on inter regional flows and patterns of social interaction. It represents a shift or an expansion in the way the human organization in the minor countries is linked to the world’s most developed regions and countries. Any form of change that human beings are subjected always tends to result to a certain extent of impact. There are those who embrace change faster, those who embrace it slowly, and those who are forced to embrace change.

Globalization has raised major issues in most countries such as who has the power to instill change? What role does the national government have? These constitute some of the issues that people have tried to understand. However, the focus of globalization in this paper is on cultural globalization. There are native non-western cultures that have been impacted by globalization.

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Since globalization was going to provide more trading opportunities in the international market, the community accepted to be integrated in the market because they would earn more and have a wide variety of goods. International trade had its own vices which they came to learn later form experience, but since in their community they used to face challenges, they would face the demerits as a multicultural community (Edoho, 1997).

Native non-western communities may have experienced negative impacts of globalization, but most of them have recognized that they need to preserve their cultural practices as they embrace globalization because the entire world is focused on development and improving life standards

Edoho, F. M. (1997). Globalization and the new world order: Promises, problems, and prospects for Africa in the twenty-first century. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Praeger.

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