Global Warming Impact

Global Warming Impact

Global Warming Impact

Global Warming Impact:Human activities have continuously altered the chemical composition of the earth’s atmosphere with the buildup of greenhouse gasses. Consequently, the climate is expected to change. How and when the earth’s climatic response to increased concentration of greenhouse gasses is not certain (Southeast Climate Consortium, 2008). However, observations and computer simulation indicate that detectable changes are likely to occur. This essay dwells on the changes and the impact of global warming in Florida.The most predicted changes due global warming include temperature increase, change in soil moisture, precipitation changes, and change of the sea level. These changes could adversely affect several ecological systems. They could also affect human health as well as the economy. Global warming happens when greenhouse gases trapped heat energy from the sun within the earth’s atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect.

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The forest cover in Florida might also be altered. As the earth warms, trees and other plants, which are obviously immobile would die when they fail to adopt. However, other plants that find the climatic conditions favorable will emerge. Lastly, water resources will also be affected by global warming. The effect of increased earth temperatures will be more on drier areas owing to their increased sensitivity to heat. Consequently, the areas would experience lower river flows as well as lower water levels in the lakes.

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