Global Warming

Global Warming

Global Warming

Global Warming refers as to as an increase and sustained increase in the average temperature of the climates system in the world.  It is the increase in the increase in the atmospheric and sea temperature that leads to change in the climate system in the world. Apparently, the effect of global warming didn’t exist in the early history of the world.  Greenhouse effect results from human activities, contributing largely to increase in temperature in the world. Accumulation of carbon emission in the atmosphere cause the formation of the greenhouse effect.

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There is a severe change of weather events all across the globe including extreme high and low temperature level, high rainfall incidences and increase in the effect of storm  due to change in weather and climate pattern in the world. Other extreme events include drought and heat waves in the area that receive average rainfall.  Finally, the ecosystem has been affected by global warming. Planting and animals are moving toward high attitude.

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