Global warming

Global warming

Global warming

Global warming is a term that came to being due to recordings of climate that commenced in the 1880s (Weart). Many individuals regularly confuse the term with the term climate change. However, the two terms, though on the same field, are completely distinct. Weather experts provide distinctions between the two terms. Global warming is a result of changes in the solar irradiance and human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases. Climate change is any alteration in the state of the weather or climate identified by variances in the variability of its properties such as precipitation, temperature, and etcetera.

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The effects of global warming can be summarized into four groups, ecological impacts, physical impacts, large-scale impacts, and social impacts. The effects can be described as a social and environmental alterations resulting from human activities such as emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Global warming is a serious problem in the world presently. Failure to take drastic measures will see the world face another ice age. Emissions of the greenhouse gases are the leading cause of global warming (Lashof and Dilip), if they are taken care of, Mother Nature would bring back the balance to the world as it was before.

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