Global look in the next twenty-five years

Global look in the next twenty-five years

Global look in the next twenty-five years

Global look in the next twenty-five years:Power in the global system is relative and always changing. Countries and regions fall and rise mainly due to the unbalanced levels of economic growth, imperial overstretch and wars. Some global regions develop more drastically compared to others due to domestic institutions, policies, effective political leadership, technology and the ability to mobilize state resources that puts them at an advantage position over other state and regions.

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The next 25 years will witness drastic shifts in technology and may even change the idea of being human beings to an amazing scale. However, in the short run, the next 25 years, the globe will still be under the activities of nation-states and the key issue will be the power shift from the west to the east (Forbes, 2013).

Huge political turmoil in China and its rivalry with the United States will shape part of the next 25 years, and the time will occur when the international financial and trading system retreats from liberalization. However, it is still difficult to forecast to what extent the competitive protection and devaluations will grow though protectionist patterns already exist.

Bohn, M. (2014). Feeding the World in 2050. CSA News, 59(11), 4. doi:10.2134/csa2014-59-11-1

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