Global Environmental

Global Environmental

Global Environmental

The article Political Economy of Global Environmental Governance by Newell develops a critical political economy description of global environmental governance to improve our knowledge and understanding of the current conduct of environmental politics and to explain thinking about the potential for, and barriers to, efficient environmental change/reform. By elaborating the main contours of a political economy on the one hand and opening up to important enquiry existing understandings of governance on the other, such an approach is able to increase our understanding of the practice of environmental governance through emphasizing political, historical and material elements of its (re) evolution and constitution (Newell, 2008).

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This article is an exploration of the multifaceted nature of globalization and the main processes of production, finance and trade that characterize it. It gives readers a detailed, yet clearly expressed, foundation for both understanding and calling to change globalization as one of the crucial systems of contemporary socio-ecology trend of globalization.
Newell, P. (2008). The political economy of global environmental governance. Review

of International Studies. Volume 34, pp 507 – 529

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