Global climate change

Global climate change

Global climate change

Climate change also known as global warming is the continued increase in the atmospheric temperatures over the years. The temperatures are way above normal hence lead to changes in the earth and its surroundings. Subsequently the climate of the earth changes due to shifting in temperatures whereby the sea level increases higher than usual as well as the rains continue to increase. Other effects include melting of glaciers as well as early occurrences of seasons like spring and summer. The oceanic temperatures also increase with increase in global warming. Ideally, the effects of climate change are due to the ultimate increase in the earth’s hotness.

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we evidently realize that greenhouse effect leads to increased temperatures in the earth’s atmosphere. The increase in human population and their activities especially with industrial emissions and deforestation has caused global warming. However, the arguments from the climate change opposers might be true following the recent statistic show the past ten years on temperature drop. As much as human activities have continued to be controlled, they are said to be the main contributors of climate change as opposed to natural causes. The issue of global warming is a myth to some people but scientific evidence has supported the fact that climate change is due to increased temperatures across the globe.

Hansen, James (2013). “Science Briefs: Earth’s Climate History”. NASA GISS. Retrieved 25 April 2013.

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