Georgias Nadir Time

Georgias Nadir Time

Georgias Nadir Time.

Georgias Nadir Time: The term nadir basically means low point of something. In chemotherapy; it outlines the point when the blood cells are at their lowest point after treatment.

The reason as to why nadir occurs is the fact that chemotherapy affects the blood cells (red, white and also platelets) when it is targeting the cancer cells. During treatment, bone marrow activity is decreased and this results in lower blood cells count in the body as it is in the bone marrow that the cells are manufactured.

Each blood type reaches nadir at different periods individually: white blood cells nadir is about 8-13 days after the start of treatment. At this time, the patient is at a very high level of vulnerability to diseases and infections like bacteria. The red blood cells take longer to reach nadir as compared to the white ones.

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Normally, the blood count returns to normal, but after each chemotherapy treatment. Nadir occurs hence the blood count goes down again. The solution to this is the use of drugs which boost blood cells production, blood transfusions and also delaying or having fewer chemotherapy treatments.

The North East Georgia Diagnostic Clinic offers comprehensive chemotherapy treatment and comprehensive information on nadir. In conclusion, the Georgia’s Nadir revolves around the cancer, effects of cancers and possible treatment ways like PVC chemotherapy.

For diagnosis, the symptoms include tiredness, flu-like symptoms, numbness, skin changes, hair changes, effects on eyesight, and internal effect on blood, a disease called anemia.

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