Geography paper

Geography paper

Geography paper

Italy for a long time has been an appreciated and renowned tourist destination globally, particularly for its unique cities, art and a large historic, cultural heritage. With over 40 million tourists annually, Italy ranks among the top five-tourist earners and the most visited state in the world (Castex 140).

A large number of the finest works of art in Italy are in its architecture, the fascinating style of its designs, in a way describes the history of Italy. The diverse styles present in Italian architecture is in such a way that it can be categorized or classified not just by region but also the chronological period (Murray 73).

A great deal of Italian history is uniquely displayed in its architectural timeline. About AD 300 structures built were made of marble and bricks, they represented power and victory.

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The popular arch of Constantine located in Rome was created during this era and is said to depict victory. Around AD 800, domes in Italy were very common.

Romanesque designs emerged during the middle ages, specifically during the 9th century. It’s around this time that Roman Basilicas and round arches became popular.

Some of the modern iconic architectural structures in Italy include the Mole Antonelliana, constructed around 1863 and 1869 and located in Turin city. During this time too, skyscrapers like the amazing Torre Velasca were made. Pirelli tower which dominates Milan’s skyline is also a good example of Italy’s modernist architecture.

The futures of tourism as discussed in Hall C Michael book- understanding and managing tourism impacts, emphasizes on reduction of over reliance on conventional tourist attraction sites and encourages the exploration of alternative attraction for tourists (Hall and Lew 286).

The creation of iconic buildings and the maintaining of the existing ancient structures will go a long way in promoting Italy’s tourism sector.

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