Genetics nature verses nurture of suicide

Genetics nature verses nurture of suicide

Genetics nature verses nurture of suicide

Nature ensures a person’s growth from the level of a fetus until full development into adulthood. The genetic composition of a human is accountable for the person’s skin color, sex, eye color, hair color, and also differentiating features that are inherited. Nature then, is that which aid in the fetus growth into a healthy and fully grown adult, who may have acquired some particular talents.

Therefore, it is rational to sum up that nature entails the genetic or hereditary coding to aid in normal physical growth and pass on some desirable or negative qualities to someone. However, nurture is utilized to enhance desirable traits and lessen the impact of undesirable traits.

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The individuals close relatives and loved ones can also be taught on how to identify the tell tale signs of suicidal intent and how to diffuse such situations. They would be taught how to offer the best environment to their suicide prone friends, relatives or family. It is also good for the education system to include counseling and identification sessions with all students so as to identify early if their charges could be suicidal.

There should also be a campaign to demystify suicidal tendency and to remove stigma that is associated with suicide survivors. The stigma attached to them keeps them perpetually stressed and worsens the situation for them leading to repeat suicide attempts.

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