Genetics and obesity

Genetics and obesity

Genetics and obesity

Genetics and obesity: Single gene faults have been recognized as a factor that interrupt molecules in leptin-melanocortin trail thereby effecting severe human obesity (Bell, Walley, & Froguel 2005). According to Bell et al., (2005), the discovery of the gene defects allows to destigmatize the notion around obesity and deal with it as a medical condition. The degree of weight gain among adults living in similar environments emerges to be affected by genetic factors such as gene effects and polygenic regardless of the sex (Sørensen 1989).

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Type2 diabetes and obesity are multi-factorial health problems caused by complex interplay between environment and genetic predisposition (Temelkova-Kurktschiev & Stefanov 2012). Chances that these diseases will occur, therefore, depend on whether the promoting environment is available. These environmental exposures include unhealthy lifestyles of food overconsumption and lack of physical exercise (Temelkova-Kurktschiev & Stefanov 2012).

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