Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods

In the article, “You are eating genetically modified food” authored by James Freeman, he asserts that in the current society, people consume mass quantities of genetically modified food. Everything we consume today is modified either directly or indirectly genetically.

The author argues that right from the simple things that we consume such as milk, French fries, and other foods and drinks we drink the ingredients have gone through gene manipulation at some point.The article claims that genetic modification is not a modern day practice. but was present even in the distant past. At the time, the farmers would try to produce crops that are more reliable by mixing seeds, and they referred to it as breeding. Even Thomas Jefferson practiced it during his experimentation, with a variety of fruits and vegetables in his gardens. Biotechnology is a very crucial and useful tool for breeding. Those who oppose technology refer to breeding as “genetic modification” trying to argue that it is more hazardous than beneficial to people. However, those that oppose technology should try to think of a world without the biotechnology. Some foods like corn are disgusting in their natural state and not consumable

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It also ensures more food production. It is an avenue to stop the death of millions of children out of malnutrition around the world.
He concludes the article by claiming that biotechnology has more benefits than harm. It is the realization of its benefits that the majority of Americans remain adamant about joining the campaigns against its use.

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