Genetically modified foods

Genetically modified foods

Genetically modified foods

Genetically Modified Foods are those foods whose genetic component has been altered with the use of methods of genetic modification. The growing famine in the world has led to the introduction of genetically modified foods. Even though it is seen as a way to minimize the famine, it has been associated with negative impacts on human health. For example, studies have linked artificial sweeteners to cancer and actually are harmful (Murrell, 2014). This paper seeks to address genetically modified foods.

Genetic modification of foods has been discussed in several studies as a method of producing food. Some of the commonly known examples where genetic modifications have been applied include pest resistance plants, laboratory animals that are used in displaying human diseases such as sickle cell anemia, a glowing jellyfish gene in rabbit for an art piece.

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Farmers have more income due to the higher crop yields and also because of decrease in costs of growing and farming due to reduced need for pesticides. Also since pesticides are not used they do not go into the air, water and soil.

Less deforestation is also needed to feed the world’s growing population. More nutritious value can also be accrued to the GM food and crops (Hellier et al., 2012). Due to the constant threat of financial breakdown in the US, genetically modified food-related legislature has been put aside (FDA). As of March 2011, both sides have been reported to be at a standstill with neither party willing to compromise. It is estimated that the US population will not see a definite decision made by the government before 2012.

Hellier, E. E., et al (2012). The effects of label design characteristics on perceptions of
genetically modified food. Journal Of Risk Research, 15(5), 533-545

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