General Safety Permit Systems

General Safety Permit Systems

General Safety Permit Systems.

General Safety Permit Systems: Some safety requirements that usually protect the worker could be remove in case of maintenance work. When this happens, the potential hazards should be identified for a safe work system to be developed to control these hazards (Workplace Health and Safety Bulletin, 2010).

A safe work permit lists and identifies the work at hand, the hazard(s) that are involve, and the precautions that should be take. These permits are and should always be use when the task is performe by an outside agency or employer (Workplace Health and Safety Bulletin, 2010).

This is a written record that green lights specific work, at a specific location, and for a specific period of time.

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In special circumstances, precautions should be identifie to the permit receiver. Who should ascertain that they fully understand the reasons for these precautions.

The issuer should be sure that the worker comprehends the hazards. If not, the permit issuer needs to review the Material Safety Data Sheet or other information with the worker. To ensure that they understand the dangers of the product and the precautions to be take.

The safe work permit should not be signed unless completely satisfied that the work can be done without harm.

The workers issuing or using the safety permits should completely comprehend the reasons for the permits. And their requirements before work commences. A safe work permit is considere to be an effective tool to help list and avoid mistakes.


Workplace Health and Safety Bulletin (2010). Safe Work Permits.

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