Gendered Geographies of Genetic Variation

Gendered Geographies of Genetic Variation

Gendered Geographies of Genetic Variation

Catherine Nash, the author of Gendered Geographies of Genetic Variation: Sex, Power and Mobility in Human Population Genetics, introduces her article. By making reference to other research in order to situate the topic (Nash , 2012). This introduction frames the coming argument and extensive discussion. By categorically stating that the prehistoric human migration patterns, as well as the current geographies of people’s genetic diversity brought about by human population geneticists, are now open for critical scrutiny. In addition, Nash notes that population geneticists also serve to reconstruct much of the historical geography of people’s origins.

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At the finale of the article, the author reaffirms her thesis by stating that the main function of the article in human population genetics is simply to explain various patterns as observed in genetic variation. According to Nash, this has been achieved through different accounts of social organization of reproduction. However, the author mentions that the social and cultural factors at a fundamental level are as universalized as they are renaturalised. As such, culture, which is obviously the newest form of genetic investigation, now becomes closer to nature in the gendered geographies of genetic variation.

Nash , C. (2012). Gendered geographies of genetic variation: sex, power and mobility in human population genetics, Gender, Place & Culture. A Journal of Feminist Geography, 19:4, 409-428.

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