Gender Stratification

Gender Stratification

Gender Stratification.

Gender stratification is a concept that involves grouping of people on gender basis of the shared socioeconomic conditions. This gender stratification creates inequality in social, economic, ideology and political dimensions.

This occurs when differences in gender lead to a greater status, privilege and power of men over women. In this paper I will discuss the issue of gender inequality that is very prudent in today’s society. Gender inequality a gender based treatment on people that is always unequal.

In this system of gender inequality rank people in a hierarchy and reflects the inequality present in various dimensions of life. This inequality is developed from socially constructed or empirically grounded differences (Scott, Jacqueline, Rosemary, and Clare 86).

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Discrimination against men rarely occurs in the working place where men are likely to be hired and promoted by fellow men who are in power. Racism has contributed to the issue of gender inequality.

According to a research conducted in 2009 by David Hekman show that the customers were more satisfied. With the white male than black males and females. The research shows that women and minority customers prefer services from the white man to a black man (Jacobs, Jerry , and Kathleen 76).

Unless people change their view to address the perception and stereotype on women and other minority groups in the society some people will continue being discriminate and marginalized.


Scott, Jacqueline, Rosemary Crompton, and Clare Lyonette. Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century: New Barriers and Continuing Constraints. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub,        2010. Internet resource.

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