Gender Identity and Sexuality

Gender Identity and Sexuality

Gender Identity and Sexuality

Gender Identity and Sexuality:Gender is essentially a social construct in classifying an individual as a woman, man, or other identity. It is fundamentally dissimilar from the particular sex one gets at birth. Gender identity therefore, becomes a person’s vital self-conviction of becoming female or male.

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Gender identity in humans is an individual subjective experience and private sense, of their sexual category. Generally, it is one’s sense of belonging to the female of male gender, consisting mainly of the approval of membership to belong to either male or female category (Eliason, 2014). Multiculturalism considers various gender categories, which encompasses social identity in comparison to other societal members.

In a nutshell, an individual’s personality comprises of who they really are and elements such as sexuality and gender identity add to whom they are. Multiculturalism helps accommodate the different views in society and in gender identity and sexuality.


Berntson, M., Hoffman, K., & Luff, T. (2014). College as Context: Influences on Interpersonal Sexual Scripts. Sexuality & Culture, 18(1), 149-165. doi:10.1007/s12119-013-9180-7

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