Gender and tourism or sexuality and tourism

Gender and tourism or sexuality and tourism

Gender and tourism or sexuality and tourism

Tourism plays a very vital role in nation building especially economic growth and development. It is actually the backbone of most states all across the world based on the returns from the industry of tourism. Basically, the sector of tourism offers great opportunities for individuals and the society at large to expand and develop as well. Equally, gender is very fundamental when it comes to tourism industry (Ferguson & Alarcón, 2014). For example, young ladies and women contribute greatly to the growth of this field based on their input towards provision of services. This evident as 75% of tourism sectors such as hotels and beaches among others are served by women.

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The issue of sexuality and tourism is a bigger concern, which needs to be addressed with speed in order to create and promote equal rights related working environments. By so doing the inequality especially on women will be zero rated as their participation is championed to greater success. They should be given equal rights to work without intimidation, discrimination and exploitation hence, promoting their empowerment for better provision of services which will translate to positive growth and development of the tourism sector.

Hall, C. Michael & Alan A. Lew. (2009). Understanding and Managing Tourism Impacts: An Integrated Approach. New York: Routledge

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