Gay and Lesbian being not accepted in the Catholic Church in the US.

The Catholic Church teachings in the US treat gays and lesbians and other forms of LGBTQ under two major forms. The first major form is homosexual orientation, which the Catholic Church considers as an objective disorder since its doctrines view such behavior as being ordered to an intrinsic moral evil. However, the Catholic Church does not consider homosexual orientation sinful unless acted upon.

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Accepting gay and lesbian relationships leading to marriages will change the definition of marriage which has already been weakened by the increased cases of divorce. In conclusion, the acceptance of gay and lesbian by the Catholic Church and the larger community will not only benefit the gay couples but also the larger society.

Bronner, S. E., & Thompson, M. J. (2005). The Logos Reader: Rational Radicalism and the Future of Politics. Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky.

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