Future of Nature

Future of Nature

Future of Nature

One of the most critical parameters about nature on earth is its unforgiving nature. Many calamities have already been experienced all over the world as a result of effects of man on nature. Man’s activities such as fossil fuels burning have made negative contributions to global warming. Up to date, the effects of the activities engage in by man have not been a serious motivation in the environmental conservation that would be in the expectations.

A few individuals and environmental related agencies have engaged in aggressive campaigns geared towards a better environment in the 21st Century. Hence, through listening to such agencies, there can be permanent positive changes resulting in better environmental conversation. Future generations face possible depletion of resources if environmental protection measures are not take into account and in actualization. Human nature allows individuals to be caring of others; even if one will not benefit directly from the actions that they engage in at the current moment.

Scientists have made available full details about means through which different species will perish if they are not take care of by man. Therefore, the scientists have explained the chemical reactions that continue to take place in regards to ozone layer depletion. Information has been present to man to emphasize that it is man that needs nature. Activists play a great role in contributing to a change in social, political and economic aspects related to environmental conservation.

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In summary, according to Libby, Sverker and Warde (2013), individuals can be able to retrace the events of what has been advocate for in terms of conserving the environment. The talk that has been emphasized can be compared to how human actions have changed, and therefore used as a basis for further action.

Libby, R., Sverker S. and Warde, P. (eds). (2013). The Future of Nature: Documents of Global
Change. Connecticut: Yale University Press.

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