Fusion Centers and the FBI Field Intelligence Group

Fusion centers are security organized hubs that were introduced with the aim of collecting, receipt, analyzing, and sharing information concerning any threat assessed and identified by the federal government, the state, local, territorial and private sector partners. According to the 2010 National Security Strategy, the centers are run by the government with employees from different intelligence and security groups such as the FBI (Pg. 1-60). The centers are located in major towns in the United States, where they collect information from the state and the local authorities. The information ranges from, extremism threats, public health concerns, private security firms’ assessment and fire service intelligence.

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Their roles are complimentary as the Fusion centers rely on local established security operators and the state in the collection of information on possible threat or incidents. The Field Intelligence Groups then collect the information and analyze it and use it in deducing intelligence that it shares with the intelligence groups and the FBI itself to ensure security.

2010 National Security Strategy. PDF, 60 pages
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