Fundamentals of quality Healthcare

Fundamentals of quality Healthcare

Fundamentals of quality Healthcare.

Fundamentals of quality Healthcare: Quality management has an explicit meaning in many business sectors. In its description, quality management does not target to guarantee good quality, but instead, to make sure that a product or an organization is consistent.

Quality management is considered to encompass four main components: quality control, quality assurance, quality planning, and quality improvement. It concentrates not only on service or product quality, but in addition the means to realize it.

Quality management thus uses quality control and assurance of processes in addition to products to attain more consistent quality (Lighter & Fair, 2004). On the Quality Management project, the healthcare organization that I identified and worked with was Ohio Senior Home Health Care, LLC.

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In the current national environment an extremely structured methodology to the quest of quality healthcare is essential. Cost competition and financially centered efforts to reduce health care expenditures have compelled most providers to equitably common pricing levels.

Most people have confidence that the nationwide focus will subsequently turn to quality, in hope that the prospected competition will be centered on verifiable brilliance in quality. Customer service quality and clinical outcome quality and will mutually be important.

Recent study has clearly delineated two major areas (i.e. quality waste and productivity) wherein high quality health care can result in significantly reduced costs. The high quality pursuit provides a balanced system for cost control (Edmunds & Institute of Medicine, 2007).


Edmunds, M., & Institute of Medicine (U.S.). (2007). Managing managed care: Quality   improvements in behavioral health. Washington, D.C: National Academy Press.

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