Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace

Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace

Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace.

Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace: Effective communication within an organization is very essential because it ensures that an organization’s resources are utilized in order to achieve its desired objectives.

Proper communication is vital in linking the different arms of an organization and promoting the overall success of the organization (Nielsen, 2008). A few weeks ago, as the overall head of Operations, I sent a memo to the Finance Department of our organization asking them to do an inter departmental review.

I expected to receive a report detailing the different department’s expenditure, incomes, budgetary allocations and possible reconciliations for the period of the financial year 2012/2013. Additionally I wanted tabular and graphical comparisons for all the different departments.

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High degrees of clarity and adequate background information make employees feel more confident in their assigned tasks resulting in higher levels of productivity (Perkins, 2010). Feedback is also essential in ensuring the effective communication.

Employers can use technological tools such as email to do follow-ups on the work assigned. And engage the employees in better ways of accomplishing given tasks. Etiquette additionally fosters proper communication (O’Rourke, 2009). Language used should be polite and considerate. Professionalism should be adhere to at all times.

Where possible face to face communication can be encouraged to promote the formation of interpersonal relationships among the workers. Finally, because communication is also nonverbal, employees should be encourage to pay attention, maintain proper eye contact and good posture.


Nielsen, J. (2008). Effective Communication Skills:  The Foundations for Change. Xlibris 108-115.

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