Functional Encryption

Functional Encryption

Functional Encryption.

Functional Encryption: Encryption transfers information so that it is logical to the targeted recipient. A cryptographic algorithm, also known as cipher, is the mathematical function applied for both encryption and decryption summing.

Diffie, Hellman and Merkle are the cryptographers’ credit with the invention of public-key cryptography over the last two decades, and they are also the architects of RSA, the fine implementation of public-key cryptography.

Functional encryption (SW05, SW08) is an innovative model for public-key encryption that allows in grained regulator of access to encrypted data. It covers a number of previous notions, most particularly identity-based encryption

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encryption for most common functionalities. The additional significant problem is finding the relative power of functionalities: including the queries on how functionality, can imply a different one, as well as when functionalities can be black-box detache (Wang, 2012).

The outstanding challenge is to come up with a secure functional encryption system for all polynomial-stretch functionalities (Preneel, 1995). An additional modest objective is to do the equivalent of building encryption for all polynomial-stretch bases. Presently, the finest that can be done is predicates demarcated by inner products [KSW08].

The interior product building employs bilinear plans and the incapability to stretch yonder the inner products, owes to the “bi” in bilinear maps (Wang, 2012). Further apparatus, possibly deriving from entirely holomorphic encryption (Gen09), may lead to a wider general class of predicates.


Advances in cryptology – EUROCRYPT 2011: 30th Annual International Conference on the   Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Tallinn, Estonia, May 15-19,     2011 : proceedings. (2011). Berlin: Springer.

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