French Revolution and Napoleon

French Revolution and Napoleon

French Revolution and Napoleon

The French revolution involved a series of events and wars that took place between 1792 and 1815. One of the events that preceded and contributed to the revolution was the dethroning of Louis XVI and his monarchy. This contributed to the establishment of new forms of government and France found itself conflicting with the rest of Europe.

There was a difference in ideologies, and the old monarchies opposed the new ideologies and form of government. The Declaration of Pillnitz given by Austria and Prussia with the intention of restoring the French monarchy triggered the war in April 1792. This paper will describe some of the historical events associated with the French revolution.

On May 1789, the deputies of the Third Estates met despite express orders from King Louis XVI. The Third Estate represented the commoners and the lower clergy. The king had ordered them to disperse, but they met at the tennis court against the orders of the king. The deputies took a historic oath not to separate until a new French constitution had been established and adopted. The Oath came to be referred to as “The Tennis Court Oath”. On June 1789, The Third Estate declared itself the National Assembly and demanded the drafting of a constitution.

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On 1st July 1798, a French invasion force led by Napoleon Bonaparte attacked Egypt. The invasion force was accompanied by scholars and scientists who had an educational interest in Egypt. France desired to control Egypt due to its agricultural and commercial potential.

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