Freedom Schooling

Freedom Schooling

Freedom Schooling

Colonizing schools are types of schools whose main aim of impacting knowledge on students is for them to get jobs and conform to the already existing corporate system. Students in such schools are taught by use of a defined curriculum that is rigid hence colonizing people to remain as they are.

Decolonizing schools, on the other hand, are schools that base learning on practice by, teaching while putting into consideration community needs and how the students can help to solve their problems, democracy and self-government.

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They are diverse and openly political. Freedom schooling helps to change the situations of the people. Learning about the community needs, aided to ensure everyone took responsibility of his or her work, and ensure the community is well-taken care.

Conclusively, Freedom schooling is vital in learning institutions and the society today. Giving liberty of what to learn to students leads to them discovering themselves hence advancing, brings out the needs of a society as well as improve their lives.

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