Freedom of Speech

The bill of rights secures individual rights of every citizen, and it is a significant part of the constitution. The original constitution of 1787 had included few individual right, and the people needed more assurances that the government would protect their rights. The bill of rights was included in the constitution after vibrant debates to guarantee citizens their basic rights. Freedom of speech is part of the bill of rights. It is right to express one’s opinion without the interference of the government (Sunstein, 2005).

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The freedom of speech has largely contributed to equal treatment that exists across the U.S regardless of color, race, nation of origin, gender and disability. Moreover, freedom of speech has led to the evolvement of the civil liberties more so to meet the current needs of the society. Without the freedom of speech, other rights could have withered away. Therefore, freedom of speech is paramount, and it has contributed to the benefits of democratic society.

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