Forming a research question

Forming a research question

Forming a research question

Forming a research question is the basis of any good study. It has been defined as the methodological point of departure of any given academic research in the social and natural sciences. The research will therefore answer the question that is posed. There are a number of attributes that will make a research question, ideal.

A research question should be focused, relevant, novel and must have a minimum of two core concepts. The question should be feasible. This paper will develop a research question in drug addiction and criminal behavior and explain how aid question meets the criteria above.

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Impaired judgment and expense of drugs are two concepts that can be discussed in relation to the research question. This question is also very much feasible. It is possible to acquire information needed to answer the question. The researcher can do this at little to no cost simply by interviewing former addicts and criminals as well as members of the psychological science fraternity.

Interviewing requires minimal skill and money. The question as to the connection between drug addiction and criminal behavior can therefore be easily researched on. The importance of feasibility is discussed by Kumar (2005).

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