Formal Analysis

Formal Analysis

Formal Analysis

The image being analyzed is #78-57 Alley Wall, Seattle Burns, Michael. The art was prepared in the year 1978 and was given to the Jordan Schnitzler Museum of Art as a donation from the artist. The dimensions of the art are 6-5/8 by 9-3/4 inches. The aim of this article is to provide a formal analysis of this art.

The art combines two line; the horizontal and vertical. The horizontal line suggests that the picture extended to the left and to the right. The art was a section of an extending objects that was represented through the art. The horizontal lines also indicate that there was a space that was not captured in the art. The vertical lines demarcate what could only be captured in the art. The lines show that the actual object that was represented had some height that could not be captured.

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The art is shown to be a three-dimensional image that represented a real object. The texture and the color of the art suggest that the art can be confirmed from the object that it represents. The line and the shapes suggest that the art was a piece of a large object, only representing a portion. The art could have been prepared by the artist to be a record of the certain wall that was historic and needed to be preserved for history.

Carroll, N. (1999). Philosophy of Art: A Contemporary Introduction. New Year: Psychology Press.

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