Forensic psychology outline

Forensic psychology outline

Forensic psychology outline

Paint Creek Youth Center is an inventive, domiciliary behavior center for the most serious juvenile offenders. The offenders are between the ages of 15 to 18 years of age. The center holds a maximum of 30 offenders at a time, and the offender can stay at the facility for a year but long if it is a sex offender. If juvenile delinquency is ignored it nurtures into a complex problem later in life when the offenders are matures. Rehabilitation programs like at the Paint Creek offer offenders a better alternative from the traditional setting lock ups. Juvenile delinquencies range from murder to burglary to rape to theft (Osgood & McCord, 1997).

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According to Vicky Agee, the cognitive approach is a program, which addresses the thinking patterns of the juveniles since it controls their behaviors. At Paint Creek Youth Center they strive to make an individual realize a change is to their best of interest unlike trying to force him or her to change, the change should be an individual choice. The institute makes use of cognitive deficits such as low empathy to create a sense of wanting in an individual. In the little role-play on victim awareness, use of plenty of time was on trying to make the juveniles understand what other people feel.


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