Forensic Psychology Contributions to Police Work

Forensic Psychology Contributions to Police Work

Forensic Psychology Contributions to Police Work

Forensic Psychology Contributions to Police Work:Forensic psychology is the integration of psychology into law and the legal system. It concerns the use of scientific techniques related to psychology to administer justice and enforce the law. Psychological principles are used to solve problems concerning the correctional system. In forensic psychology, human behavior is analyzed with respect to the legal process. Forensic psychology is not limited to the legal system, but it extends to other areas that are related to the judicial system such as the police. Psychological techniques were used to enforce the law as early as the 1880s to track and predict the activities of criminals such as Jack the Ripper. However, it was not until 1968 when Forensic psychology was integrated into police work in the United States. There are benefits of the application of psychological principles in police work. This paper will entail the contributions of forensic psychology to police work and law enforcement.

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Psychological techniques are used to determine the accuracy of the information provided during interrogations of eyewitnesses and criminals. Wrongful convictions may result from inaccurate and false information provided by witnesses, and this is avoided by application of psychological techniques in police work.
In conclusion, forensic psychology is integral to the enforcement of the law. Police work is dependent on the tools and techniques applied in psychology.

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