Foreign policy issues in Turkey

Foreign policy issues in Turkey

Foreign policy issues in Turkey

Foreign policy issues have gained a more complicated and complex character across the world. Taking steps to keep with the speed of these developments and changes is the most significant function of decision makers. These changes and developments indicates that economic interdependence, international legitimacy, pursuit of sustainable environmental policy, respect for human rights, and harmony between people of different ethnicity and religious groups are the most important tools to establish lasting stability, peace and prosperity.  The realities of the era compel nations to analyze international dynamic with a global perspective of peace. Turkey is among countries with foreign policy issues that need effective means of addressing (Ulutas 2-3).

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In Turkey’s efforts to resolve these policy issues, the country prioritizes initiatives, opportunities improving friendships and cooperation between states based on its win-win principle rather than perceived threats and problems. Generally, Turkey conducts a foreign policy that is guided by “peace at Home, peace in the world” principle. The country has a constructive and broad vision. In addition, Turkey resolutely continues its efforts to the national interest and to aid in accomplishing the goals of humanity (Martin 81-82).

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