Forecasting inpatient census in a hospital

Forecasting inpatient census in a hospital

Forecasting inpatient census in a hospital.

Forecasting inpatient census in a hospital: Census in respect to hospital is commonly an inpatients count at a given period. The census is constantly recorded in a hospital each day at the same time, mostly at night.

The census offers the inpatients number at the time of census taking. Census described as average is the average patient’s number per day over a period given, in a hospital; admitted outpatients and patients are separately counte

The meaningful collection of statistics is a significant function of a clinic or hospital. Health records are sources of primary data use in collecting statistics of health care. The department staff of health record,

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These outcomes will be use in simulating the impact of altering different features of the environment of nursing work on care quality and nursing workforce satisfaction.

The application of health care forecasting is not first-hand. An issue that is frequent in most Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities is unpredictable and fluctuating census. With resources that are scarce, mostly occupational and physical therapists, this irregularity makes suitable scheduling of the resources difficult.

The research speaks about the issue of admissions of patient in a rehabilitation facility and also the management of wards of intensive care unit, mother baby unit and multi service unit attached in the facility. The goal here is developing a model or prototype that is predictive for the hospital census to support resource planning techniques.


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