Food Wasted, Food safety

Food Wasted Food safety

Food Wasted, Food safety

Pollution is the process of making air, land, water and other parts of the environment dirty and unsafe or unsuitable for use. Pollution is done through the introduction of contamination into the natural environment. Things such as sound and temperature are considered as pollutants when introduced artificially into the environment.

According to Pure Earth, a non-profit organization, toxic pollutants affect at least 200 million people worldwide. The effects of pollution may reduce the life expectancy as low as 45 years due to cancer and other diseases (Spilsbury, 2009).

Food waste accounts for 14% of the household we discard. Food waste has been a concern to environmental agencies and municipalities because it is a primary cause of methane gas emissions which is a very potent greenhouse gas. In addition, the methanogens that food waste supports in landfills causes the mobilization of other pollutants which results in the increase of air pollutants and leachate. In waste combustions, food waste causes nitrogen gas emissions which is a greenhouse gas. This causes smog and respiratory illnesses in living organisms (Waters, 2013).

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Food remains should be disposed in incinerators and landfills. The best option for disposing food is composting whether at home or at work places. This would reduce the problem of air pollution. Food wasted created methane gas and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes the greenhouse effect.

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