Food Insecurity in America

Food Insecurity in America

Food Insecurity in America

Food insecurity exists in a place with uncertain or limited availability of nutritionally safe and adequate foods. In addition, food insecurity also defines a region whose ability to obtain suitable, acceptable foods in socially acceptable means is uncertain. In America, more than one out of five children is being brought up in households with food insecurity. It means they are not always sure where they will find their next meal.

As the Department of Agriculture detailed, in 2012, 15.9 million children under 18 years of age lived in food insecurity households in the United States. They were unable to access adequate and nutritious amounts of food consistently for their healthy life (Mohamadpour, Sharif & Keysami, 2012). This essay seeks to assess food insecurity in America and how it results in health disparities.

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Food deserts have become a big problem in the United States because of the health disparities associated with it. An example of an area considered as a food desert is New Orleans, LA in the United States. With Hurricane Katrina wreaking havoc on the poorest communities in the area, a lack of access to fresh, quality food options have increased among the poorest residence.

In 2006, New Orleans was ranked eighth nationally for the populations living in poverty. Chicago, IL, is another area with about 600,000 people living in food desert areas.


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