Five stars: case for critical analysis

Five stars: case for critical analysis

Five stars: case for critical analysis

The major strengths of the system are based on its ability to utilize those closest to the ground to make the proper assessments and grading of the teachers. The principal is closest to his teaching staff and is therefore able to judge the teacher better than somebody else from outside the school.

The involvement of an external observer in the form of the master teacher also helps to balance the assessment a little by ensuring an objective and ‘without bias’ assessment. This is because the external assessor has no personal ties to the teacher being tested and so will not be blinded by personal attachments or bias.

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The system should not demoralize the teachers but rather encourage them to work harder. The system is also not independent of the possibilities for abuse and misuse by the head teachers. The head teachers can maliciously decide to negatively rate teachers, they don’t like.

Other than that the teachers also feel they are not included in the decision and design of the assessment formulation. There should be involvement of the teachers in how the assessment system is designed to ensure their input is also considered. That would make them feel they are a part of the whole assessment system and are not being victimized.

Elmore, R. F. (2007). School reform from the inside out: Policy, practice, and performance. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

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