First Responders

First Responders

First Responders

First responders are continuously exposed to traumatic events especially, after a terrorist attack as they carry out their daily duties in their workplace. They are more exposed to stressful events that are likely to affect them in both short and long run leading to traumatic stress.First respondents include the police, emergency workers and firefighters. Exposure to traumatic attacks leads to the development of the tendency to acute stress, fatigue and posttraumatic stress disorders.

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Despite, training that they undergo and natural resilient that they develop to assist them from being affected by continuous exposure to traumatic events, they are still affected psychologically. Exposure to traumatic events after a terrorist attack that involves death and serious injuries is a part of work for emergency response team. They are considered to be on a high risky occupation that involve health and mental impacts as a result of continuous exposure to traumatizing events.Establishing peer’s assistants offer assistance to workers overcome psychological trauma after terrorist events. This will also assist an individual to manage themselves and overcome psychological trauma.

Alexander, D. A., & Klein, S. (2009). First responders after disasters: a review of stress reactions, at-risk, vulnerability, and resilience factors. Prehospital and disaster medicine, 24(02), 87-94.

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