Firewall Executive Summary

Firewall Executive Summary

Firewall Executive Summary.

Firewall Executive Summary: Information is an essential part of management and decision making in any organization. Privacy, either personal or organizational, also is another important aspect of our lives and especially for documents need to be kept secure whether in paper or electronic format.

A number of software has been developed in order to enhance information security meaning that the information is kept available, confidential and authentic. This software falls in various category which include firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, cryptographic software along with intrusion detection system and intrusion prevention system.

There is a need for clear security strategies for a modern office. This is because Windows operating system wasn’t made with any advanced security features..

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No configuration is necessary for the premium version of this security software and no annoying pop ups, on auto pilot mode, for natty gritty details in the security of your organizations PCs.

BitDefender also tests well since it has more modules and facets than most other suites. And combines these with third party reviews and very little negative can be said for those particular ways.

All kinds of users find it suitable from the novice to professionals through its auto pilot module which can be turned on incase of novices and put off and settings configured and an excellent simple user interface. It is more than a firewall and antivirus software and ranks high for those who care for security.


August, S. (2013).  BitDefender Total Security 2014 review: one of the best internet security suites, London: Prentice Hall.

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