Firearm laws vs crime rate

Firearm laws vs crime rate

Firearm laws vs crime rate

A study carried out in the United States suggests that about 16,270 murders were executed in the year 2012. Among these figures, 68 percent were committed using firearms (Goss, 2010). This led to an increased debate concerning firearms control in the country. The control of firearms is significant in regulating the possession, sale, and use of ammunition and firearms. Gun ownership in the US surpasses that of other countries.

With less than 6 % of the earth’s population, 35-50 percent of civilians owning firearms are based in the United States, ranking it at position one for countries with more firearms per capita (Carter, 2002). In a more bizarre occurrence, 20 school children were massacred in Newtown in December 2012. This prompted the Obama administration to review the laws on firearm possession to limit the availability of military assault weapons. This paper focuses on the laws and restrictions set up by the United States administration concerning the regulation of firearms and the impact it has had on the crime rates.

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In conclusion, it is evident that cases of crime are on the increase in the United States. Also, these crime rates are highly facilitated by the unlawful possession of firearms without strict regulations on when and how to use them. However, by amending certain laws and regulation to govern the ownership of firearms, the US administration can help in reducing cases of crime.

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