Finding the Right Words for neuroblastoma diagnosis

Addressing family members of a patient and the care providers using appropriate language is very appropriate in the nursing profession.Neuroblastoma is a common solid cancer in childhood and most common in infancy. A registered nurse is supposed to examine the medical history and ask if there has been a family history of the disease before diagnosis. Such a disease could create a state of disbelief especially for families that do not understand the nature of the disease or the future implications. While caring for a child with Neuroblastoma, the RN should be supportive and allow the care providers to comprehend the diagnosis.

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Giving hopes to patients and care providers is an essential practice in the nursing profession. Expressing the interest to call the support group also shows the interest of the RN to help the family members in gaining moral support from the society.Such words would restore hope in the family and also help them gain knowledge about the disease (Nugent & Vitale, Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students, 2011).

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