Financial Strategies recommendation

Financial Strategies recommendation

Financial Strategies recommendation.

Financial Strategies recommendation: In any health system around the world, the primary goal is to provide good health for the country’s or states’ population. Effective healthcare systems require strong systems of financing.

Health spending is unlike other types of spending and has specific characteristics.  The first characteristic would have to be that healthcare expenses are unpredictable. One cannot predict when they may need emergency healthcare or curative healthcare.

If an individual does not have any form of pre-payment mechanism or a risk sharing mechanism, it may be very hard to meet sudden healthcare expenditure. Another characteristic is the fact that preventive healthcare is predictable, especially for kids and women in their reproductive age.

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It then went on to cover the low income and middle income families. And finally to the non poor working in the country’s informal sector. Basically, this strategy suggests coverage of low income and formal sector , government employees, private employees and NGO employees under the same scheme.

The implementation of this strategy will mean overall increased accessibility to health care, reduced costs and improved quality. The strategy seems to be the solution to the question of access to quality healthcare by the poor in the U.S. as well as proper financing  and reduced spending.

However, politics may keep citizens of the U.S from experiencing the fruits of this strategy. Implementation could however mean better health for Americans.


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